Marine Ecology

  • This is the place to see varieties of fish like groupers, moray eels, lobsters, tuna, angelfish, rays, napoleons, coneys, red hind, snappers, parrotfish and millions of other denizens of the ocean and while moving through these waters you can see festoons of black corals and deep water sea fans. Watch out for sea turtles at the Basses. Hawkbill turtles and green turtles are frequently observed here resting in the protection of a ledge.

    Fauna and Flora

    This is a good place to see marine life like groupers, gray sharks, tuna, angelfishes, rays, giant Maori Wrasses (napoleons), snappers and millions of other denizens of the ocean. Undoubtedly the Basses are the foremost place to dive to witness the vast marine bio-diversity in Sri Lanka.