Wreck Sites Conservation

  • Site Monitoring.

    Updating and maintaining a registry wreck.

    Collecting of wreck site data including photography, video, and physical source.

    Conservation of artifacts if found necessary under guidance of experts.

    Safe rendering of unexploded explosive and other hazard.

    Management and entry control to under water wrecks.

    Local Police and Archaeological Department will be informed that SLCG approval is required for any diving expedition in Basses reefs.

    Foreign and local diving expeditions are allowed only under SLCG supervision to ensure no treasure hunting.

    Coastguard diving center kirinda take action towards protecting under water archeologically valid dive site and other wrecks around basses reef .These significant areas marked with buoys and allow underwater photography only in limited areas.

    Further, foreign and local recreational divers are allowed diving only under the supervisions of SLCG divers to ensure no treasure hunting and vandalism.